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Представляем вашему вниманию проект "Белый альбом". В него вошли треки музыкантов, которые поддержали резолюцию митингов на Болотной и Сахарова и требование освобождения всех политзаключенных, в том числе участниц группы Pussy Riot. "Белый альбом" был собран инициативной группой в составе: Александр Липницкий ("Звуки Му"), Артемий Троицкий (музыкальный критик), Василий Шумов ("Центр"). Этот уникальный проект, не имеющий аналогов в истории российской музыки.
09 Jun 2012 03:20 pm
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para bellvm's Book Of Kings Tour - summer 2009
=== The Book Of Kings Tour ===

9 june, Lithuania, Vilnius - Alaus Namai
12 june, Hungary, Budapest - Gyar
13 june, Slovak Republic, Bratislava - SubClub
16 june, Germany, Dresden - Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz
26 june, Russia, Saint-Petersburg - Revolution
02 Jun 2009 04:27 pm
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para bellvm in Zillo
para bellvm's song "Clouds" ("Oblaka") was included in Zillo magazine CD-compilation:
02 Jun 2009 04:25 pm
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Review on "Book Of Kings" by Mick Mercer

Yes, it was Para Bellum, but as there’s quite a few of those in existence this longstanding Saint-Petersburg band (formed 1995) changed it intentionally with the placing of a v, and I gather the album title is ‘Book Of Kings’ but couldn’t find any English translations of the songs so your pronunciation will be as goods as mine when it comes to those, which is exciting. The point about discovering bands from overseas is always the way they do things you may not be expecting. That’s what discovery is, the end reward for exploring in the first place, and the only mind worth having is an enquiring one.

Given the fiendishly tough melodic thrust of ‘(Где ты был) Одиссей’ you start nodding along with the chorus second time around. They’re gritty from the first raw guitar encounter and the bass is well shady, as they stick close together like a compact bomb in a studio, and yet the male vocals are curiously precise without exactly being delicate, but they’re immaculately groomed in a hostile environment. If you know the stunning Polish band DHM we’re on that kind of scary ledge.

‘(Пусть танцует вместе с нами) Царь’ is almost secretive, keeping well back, the vocals stepping ahead of gloopy drums and then vengeful guitar moves through the twilight like a snooty satellite, as some electronic weirdness also circulates. They all retire from the room, leaving muted vocals mysterious and fading…. ‘Капли Крови’ reminded me initially of a rosy version of very early Bauhaus, and then on top of that falls a great slab of sound, while vocals look on disinterested and distracted, the weird rhythmic scrape and resonating guitar making curious bedfellows. It’s a fascinating, open blend of dignified vocals and orderly sounds but with elements you wouldn’t expect to unite well which actually create a sparse and compelling atmosphere.

‘Тело Христофора Колумба’ is vigorous, itchy rock at the off, with whispery words, and dual guitar lines that enhance the mood combining to slow and beguile, and all the while it threatens to explode, tense while semi-frenetic. ‘Камень’ is much prettier as it starts, then transforms into lunging scalded rock with the vocals still in flames and there’s nothing Metal about it either. ‘Дева Обмана и дева Любви’ is a bit weird, drifting along, with a minute surge and then trickling out, with the spasmodic urging inside ‘Она не любит тебя’ keeping it prancing along other than the irrascible chorus, which is bizarrely catchy.

‘Выше стропила, плотники’ is quite formulaic dark rock as the riff pushes things morosely along with a staccato pulse but there’s icy synth twirls in the background to spice up the taste. ‘Облака’ has a mean stamping, stormy approach although the vocals tend to swamp things and don’t seem demanding, making it fall down into vague rocky territory, the only dull track for me. ‘?’ is a weird sonar dance bonus which achieves the effect of leaving us with further mystery.
02 Jun 2009 04:24 pm
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5 декабря, выступление на фестивале The Nightmare Before Christmas
5 Декабря клуб Орландина БКЗ

начало в 18:00
конец в 6:00

Para bellvm (dark-rock/new-wave/gothic)

Гуахо (Esoteric Gothic Metal)

PROPHETIC DREAM (synth-gothic-rock, BY)

Fear of Insomnia (opera melodic death metal)

Eidos (symphonic theatre)

THE-PULSAR (electronic body music )

White Vodevil ( glamour-rock /gothic)

The Claims

dj Karizma
(на стене группы можно оставить свои музыкальные пожелания)

Супер секретный Хэдлайнер!
В программе:
*** Проф. Фотосесия , с распечатаванием фотографий
*** Специальные коктейли в Баре
***Theatre Perfomance & Photo Show by
Арт группа "Dark Theatre_No. VIP Gothic Design"
***Фото выставка от проекта Temple of Dystopia (ex Gothic Photo)
***Фотовыставка от проектов "Artefakt" и "Колесо времени"


200р. в кассе клуба
220р. предварительная продажа в магазинах

В день концерта:
250р. по флаеру
300р. без флаера

25 Nov 2008 11:26 pm
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